Stephanie Gutierrez, Victory Auto Service, Ham Lake, MN

By the way, Kent is absolutely wonderful to work with. You did a great job in hiring him! I think that your whole team has been a pleasure to work with. I’m an AutoVitals fan 🙂


Rick Korn, Woodinville Sports Cars, Woodinville, Washington

I saw the integration with ALLDATA today, and with that part working I would think Autovitals is now the leader in our industry, congratulations !





Garry and Jerylin Plimmer, Garry’s Automotive, Boise, Idaho

Garry and Jerylin PlimmerUwe,

Just a quick note to express my pleasure on how well our Google search results have improved since you folks have gone to work on our website! I know we can’t always expect the top rating, but you guys have dramatically improved how well our customers can find us. My hat is off to you and your crew! Please keep up the good work.


Ron Haugen with Westside Auto Pros
Ron Haugen
Owner, Westside Auto Pros, West Des Moines, IA


WOW !   What a difference the new website makes.  That looks great Uwe. Very professional looking, thank you !


Mark Watson

Owner, TOS Toyota Lexus Honda Acura Auto Repair, Sacramento, California

I have worked with Uwe for a little less than a year and have had better than expected results in all areas he has managed in our business. I highly recommend Autovitals and Uwe if you want to grow your business.

Nikki Ayers

CFO at Ayers Automotive Repairs, Santa Barbara, California Area

I like working with Uwe for several reasons. First, he has an exceptional product in the automotive marketing world. Second, he is extremely responsive to a clients needs. He makes you feel like you are his only client. Finally, he has great knowledge of the services he provides my business. I highly recommend Uwe Kleinschmidt as a great business consultant.


Larry Moore

Serial Entrepreneur, San Francisco Bay Area

Uwe is a pleasure to work with and his no-nonsense logical approach to every problem gets incredible results. I had high hopes when we first began to work with him and his results have surpassed even my highest hopes. He is very patient in working with people like myself who are not technologically advanced. He explains things in a way I can understand, and listens carefully to be sure he understands what I am asking. I highly recommend him and the services he provides through AutoVitals. Our customers appreciate the services he provides and we appreciate the great results he gets for us.

Lynne Cardwell

Owner, Car Care Center, Sacramento, California Area

Uwe and his team simply make things happen–and they make things happen simply. Entrepreneurs in this economy and in the automotive service field have to stay focused on results from those we partner with, not on guesswork or trial-and-error experimentation with one program after another. Uwe founded AutoVitals with a great deal of insight into the automotive aftermarket and its people. His comprehensive and intuitive client acquisition and retention program is light years ahead of the competition. In fact, I’m not sure there IS any real competition at his level. We’ve been in business since 1969 and I have seen a great many programs come and go, but AutoVitals has become an absolute business essential because of its consistent measurable results. For us, that means a steady flow of new clients, while our current clients are kept freshly motivated to learn more about their own vehicles’ upkeep, which not surprisingly, is just exactly what we do at Car Care Center.

Dan Downey from Dannicks Auto Care in Sunnyvale, CA

I went to a luncheon that was hosted by the San Jose Mercury News.  While at this luncheon all businesses were asked to provide their website to be rated on a 1-80 scale based upon Design and SEO.  I was pleased to find out that out of the hundreds of businesses at the luncheon my website was the least expensive yet MOST effective website of all businesses present.  My website ranked at a 72, while companies who had spent thousands of dollars on their site were ranking anywhere between 15-20. Hats off to AutoVitals!