google authorshipSince the time when most of the advertising was done through phone books, standing out was very important in getting new customers. Back then, people would pay for bigger ads or change their name to come first or any of the other ways that businesses used to stand out. Now that we are in the internet age, standing out has become even more important, due to the fact that all websites are screaming for attention and the attention span of the searchers has dropped dramatically. In order to stand out in the search engine land scape, Autovitals has created a new product called the Traffic Booster.

The Traffic Booster uses Google’s advancements in the information that can be shown in the search results. One of the most recent ones, was that if you follow their instructions closely and put up with their harsh criteria for deciding which are the best pictures to display, you can get a picture of the face of the shop owner to show up in the search results. We here at AutoVitals believe that this has two great advantages: One, it makes the website stand out in a very competitive landscape and second it builds a relationship with potential customers before they even get to the shop.

As you know, getting new customers is an important part of keeping a local business afloat. In today’s age, the internet is an important way to get new customers, but you have been told this a 100 times probably. As more and more people start finding their local businesses online, more and more businesses are paying attention and paying money to get those customers. As search field gets more and more competitive you are going to need ways to stand out. A picture of your shop owner is a great way to do this, because it allows you to stand out in a positive way and personalize your shop, compared to other impersonal websites.

When you get more and more customers through the internet, you sadly lose the personal touch that you used to have with your customers. This happens especially for new customers, because internet customers will only have read about you and what others have to say about you. This creates a problem, because in the auto repair industry especially, building relationships with your new customers is very important. Without building such relationships, those new customers won’t be worth as much, since a new customer is much more expensive to acquire than a returning customer. Having a picture in the search results, starts the process of building a relationship and makes your website seem human. It might seem like only a small gesture, but it is a great way to start the conversation with your potential customer and if you then allow your website to continue that conversation, the chances of turning the potential customer into a real customer are greatly increased.