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We are testing SmartFlow with more than 20 shops across the nation to make it the best product at launch, which is expected to happen in July 2014.

The feedback so far is so amazing that I’d like to start documenting individual features and benefits in a series of blog posts before the actual launch of the product and invite you for feedback so that documentation and training is spot-on the moment we make it available for all shops.

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For Ongoing Questions and Suggestions

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What is SmartFlow?

SmartFlow can be best explained in the real shop environment, so please check out below how Craig’s Car Care in Allen, TX uses SmartFlow.

How Does it Work?

Stick with your Shop Management Software, and as Bill Connor in the video says, your current workflow doesn’t need to change either. Our setup process includes discovery sessions, so SmartFlow will be configured to match your current process.

Where SmartFlow kicks in, is the replacement of your Work In Progress (WIP) screen by much easier to read and manage screens, the Workflow as well as the Technician Dispatch screen. Since we read your SMS database in real-time, any change in the database is transferred at lightspeed to our server in the cloud and we can serve the updated information to both the workflow and tech view screen. At the same time all needed assignments to the techs are sent to the tech’s tablet and can be worked on immediately. No paper in tech’s hands, no hollering back and forth between front office and back shop, no paper rack on the wall, no flipping through menus in the SMS. All information is at the service advisor’s and technician’s fingertips.

The workflow view is organized by workflow steps. There are completely customizable and there can be up to 12 columns on one screen (bigger is better, screensize is what I am referring to).

shopflow workflow


The Tech view on the other end focuses on the work assignments to the individual techs. Billed hours vs. available time budget as well as finished hours are easily checked and work can be assigned in a heart beat. The technician productivity over the last three months is shown as well.

tech view

Last but not least: What happens with the inspection results or other results coming from AutoVitals and needs to be saved in the SMS or used to build the estimate?

We integrate a few buttons with the SMS, so whenever a new inspection has been finished the service advisor is alerted and by pressing a button, the inspection result is saved to the SMS database, just to name one example. Nothing happens automatically, the service advisor is in full control. Our technology doesn’t tamper with the SMS database, no warranty is void. See below how it looks in RO Writer, but we are making this technology available on all supported SMS in the next few weeks. We would be interested which features you deem the most important. Please click the ‘Ask button’ above and let us know what features you would like to see. Keep in mind that ANYTHING you can do manually in the SMS can be done using our technology. Thus please wave the magic wand and let us know!!

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