v1.15 of the SmartFlow app enhances productivity by allowing technicians to save or submit vehicles while photos and sound recordings upload in the background. Now technicians can begin working on their next vehicle right away. A new screen has been added to the app so keep track of all uploads.


New Uploads Screen

In the lefthand menu you’ll find a new button which takes you to a screen showing upload activity for photos and sound recordings taken on inspections and worksheet jobs.

Technicians won’t miss edits to an inspection sheet

This update addresses an issue when the inspection sheet is edited from the Todays Vehicles Page (TVP) before the technician has submitted the vehicle on the tablet. Now when the technician switches from the worksheet to the inspection sheet, the inspection results are reloaded so any edits made from the TVP are visible on the tablet. Previously inspection results were only loaded when the vehicle was opened on the tablet. When going on a test drive, be sure to open the inspection sheet on the tablet before going out of wifi range.