InspectionMergeUpdates to inspection results now automatically merge.

In the past every time an inspection report was submitted from the tablet a new revision was created. This resulted in multiple revisions of inspections for a single vehicle to appear in the View Inspection Results list, especially if multiple technicians had work assigned to the vehicle. We have implemented some simple rules that allow modifications to an inspection report to be merged, rather than create a new revision. The rules are as follows:

  • The first inspection results submitted creates a reference
  • Subsequent submissions are compared to the reference, topic by topic
    • If there is a conflict (a nonempty condition / action / status / note on the reference is different from the submission) a new revision is created
    • Otherwise the results are merged with the reference

The end result is in most cases you will only see a single revision of an inspection report for a vehicle on the Todays Vehicles Page or View Inspection Results page.