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 Find Information Fast and Act Swiftly

The hectic and event driven work of a service advisor requires the right tools for fast navigation, quick decision making and decisive action. This post gives you a sneak peek how you can get…

Information at your fingertips for the right decision

The AutoVitals team has made some fundamental changes to the “Todays Vehicles Page” (TVP), which now provides a much easier way to

  • Navigate quickly through the vehicles in the shop
  • Determine the right course of action for vehicle and technician(s)
  • Communicate with the motorist and technician electronically

If you have been using our SmartFlow product in its pilot phase then you appreciate the information presented on one page for decision making and better communication with the technician already.

We have taken the next step and extracted the information you need for fast navigation and separated it from the information you need to make the right decision. The result is shown below for both the Workflow View and the Technician View for the Service Advisor.


wf final no wf stepIn the Workflow View the focus is on

  • What workflow step is the vehicle in?
  • What is the Year Make Model of the vehicle?
  • Who is the point of contact for the vehicle?
  • What is the RO number?
  • How many jobs are still open on that RO?
  • What is the promised time with alert, and
  • Who is(are) the technician(s) assigned to the vehicle?




tech view final


The Technician View repeats the most important ones, but also provides:

  • The total billed and completed hours for the technician shown
  • The billed and completed hours for the technicians per vehicle
  • What vehicle is the technician working on?
  • Two completely customizable markers indicating significant attributes, e.g., Customer is waiting, Shuttle is needed, etc.


Armed with this information right at their fingertips, service advisors can make decisions quickly and decisively. For additional requests from and to the technicians in the back shop we have added a chat feature, which saves significant time, especially for the technician.

The Tap-Only Chat

The majority of the communication between service advisor and technician revolves around variations of the same topics over and over again. That and the fact that typing on a soft keyboard is the last thing a technician wants to do, we implemented the Tap-Only Chat.

Please see below a screenshot of the technician’s chat window embedded in out SmartFlow app and on the right the chat window the service advisor sees as integrated chat at the vehicle in question and as floating alert window. Please note that the technician only selects canned responses. No typing, no fiddling around with the keyboard.

Moreover these canned responses can be edited in the settings section and new ones can be added as well.


smart chat

Technicians save significant time and are able to focus on the task at hand. Service advisors are informed and best of all nothing gets lost. All communication can be tracked and audited.

Do you want to take a step into the future?