new editionWorkflow and TechView Simplified

In the latest SmartFlow edition we have added a third special marker for more flexibility when describing vehicle specifics for service advisors and technicians and simplified the communication with motorists.

The envelope button has been eliminated and turned into a simple link with three different meanings for communication with the motorist:


  1. The motorist can be emailed (name and link are solid black)
  2. The motorist can’t be electronically reached (name is grey and link dotted)
  3. The motorist has texted back and is awaiting an answer (name and link are in red and flashing)

This is unified for both the workflow and technician view.

A third special marker has been added and we will introduce more features around them. Stay tuned.

For now it allows to add a third important attribute of the vehicle visible to the service advisor and staff. Note that only two markers are visible on the tablet for the time being.