SmartFlow Flash Light

 SmartFlow Reports about Jobs completed and a Different Kind of Flashlight

Here is a quick update about SmartFlow activities. First lets take a look at a different kind of Flashlight. Although superior in almost any aspect of performance, the iPad Mini lacks a built-in flashlight. Techs wear a headlight or have a separate flashlight. Holding the tablet and the flashlight in one hand and handle things with the other can be tricky.

Here is a solution worth looking into. The flashlight shown on the image above (click on it to enlarge it)  is a battery saving LED based flashlight, which fits the headphone jack even with the Otterbox case enclosing the tablet and is bright enough to even light the even darkest under car spaces. It can be easily charged with a micro USB cord when charging the iPad overnight.

Amazon carries it for $20.00 plus S+H.

SmartFlow mudder flash off


 The Technician Job Report

We just updated our report listing the technician activities so that even incomplete jobs are listed and payroll can be run on jobs only partially finished during the pay period.

smartflow job report

The following data in addition to tech name, visit date, YMM, job is available:

  1. Charged Hours
  2. Actual Hours (when clocking in for jobs is used)
  3. Tech Efficiency (when clocking in for jobs is used)
  4. Time of job assignment to the tech
  5. Day of job completion and its degree of completion (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) indicated by the tech on the tablet

As you can see the job ‘Brake pads R&R rear” has been partially completed at 75% on October 1 (A), but finished on October 2 (B).

This is a great initial step towards payroll without punch cards, don’t you think?