In our latest SmChatAlertartFlow App release, v1.12, you can now enable audible alerts in the settings menu  for new chat messages and new active vehicles. When enabled, a popup notification will appear and the alarm duration can be configured to ring for 10, 30 or 60 seconds. When a new chat message is received, the chat button will still flash right away. The alert popup and alarm will sound after 10 seconds if the chat window is not opened so technicians who are having a conversation with the front counter are not bombarded with alerts. When a new active vehicle appears on the tablet a popup notification and alarm will sound so the technician knows there is work to be done. If the technician already has a vehicle open on the tablet the alert will be shown once the vehicle is saved or submitted.

What Else is New?

VIN Scanner Autorotation

The VIN scanner will no longer autorotate to make it easier to scan vertical barcodes. You can still manually switch the scanner between landscape and portrait mode by tapping the “orientation” button when the VIN scanner is open.


  • If a job line timer was running tapping the Smartchat button would stop the timer
  • Marking a job as partially completed (25%, 50%, 75%) was not updating on the Todays Vehicles Page (TVP) until the vehicle was saved or submitted. The TVP is now updated within 10 seconds of the job being marked as partially completed.
  • If chat was disabled in the settings menu, then option to enable it again was not available.