SmartFlow version 1.9 is here. What’s new in the app?
Confirm New VIN

  • Confirm VIN replacement when updating existing vehicle
  • Auto Recovery of inspection data when app is shutdown
  • Support for line breaks in notes
  • Prevent app crash with rapid status selection

Confirm Vin Replacement

In previous versions, it was possible to accidentally scan a new VIN for an existing vehicle that already had a valid VIN  by taping the SCAN VIN button on an existing vehicle. When the new VIN was scanned, the previous Year, Make and Model were replaced with the values for the vehicle being scanned. Although this may be a desirable action in some cases, in most instances it is not and unless the technician notices what is taking place inspections may be performed for the wrong vehicle.

In version 1.9. to prevent the accidental replacement, the technician is prompted to confirm the change prior to making any changes.

Auto Recovery

It had been reported that if the SmartFlow app was closed before an active inspection was saved either intentionally or by accident, inspection data would be lost.  To prevent accidental data loss, anytime the SmartFlow app is closed without saving the open inspection, the current inspection data will be saved to the tablet. When the app is re-launched, the unsaved inspection will be opened automatically with the previous data already entered.

Line Break Support

Several shops reported that in normal practice their technicians regularly made lists of information in the worksheet notes field by hitting enter (Line Break) at the end of each line. But when displayed online in the inspection results, the information was all run together without the breaks between each line.

Now in version 1.9 the  line breaks are saved with the rest of the notes to allow technicians to create lists in an inspection or worksheet note




  • On iPads running iOS 8 the app could sometimes crash if inspection topic statuses were rapidly selected