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Take your spouse on a trip to Santa Barbara, CA and enjoy beautiful beaches, hike a few mountains and go shopping on State Street. Sound fun? It definitely is. How can you top that? Attend an AutoVitals Partner Workshop at the same time. Implementing the take aways and lessons learned will easily pay for the trip and the next one too.

At an AutoVitals workshop you will meet fellow shop owners, service advisors and technicians, who represent a mix of veteran SmartFlow users, fresh paper-to-digital converts and curious “are the rumors true” attendees who have all come to share their experiences and learn from each other. (Im Ready Now. Sign Me Up!)

To AutoVitals, our customers are our partners. So, to ensure that we are successful together as possible, we have decided to offer true collaborative workshops in addition to our existing webinars, onsite training and interactive videos. So, on Saturday July 18, the first SmartFlow Workshop took place at AutoVitals head quarters in Santa Barbara, CA. The first event in the series welcomed a broad spectrum of shop owners, service advisors and technicians from local shops as well as visitors from as far as Allen,TX.

To support engagement and interaction among everyone, the environment was setup “cafe style” and participants are encouraged to pipe up and interject their ideas, comments and questions. This was not a classroom. No one was here to listen to a presentation.

To get things going, we simulated the in shop environment and walked through the workflow steps from drop off to pickup in order to illustrate the interactions between service advisor, technician and motorist. And, during the walkthrough, big screens showed everyone what took place on SmartFlow, the tablet and the Point of Sales software so that everyone could see the interactions and integrations that take place in the software as well.

The first step was Clock-In. And, although this is a quick action in real life, it sparked a 50 minute discussion about all aspects of digital time taking from how to account for smoke breaks, time savings compared with punch clock systems and flag sheets, to securing the clock in clock out process.

In the video below you’ll get a feel for how the inaugural workshop went. We were especially thrilled at the engagement among existing and soon to be SmartFlow users as they exchanged best practices with each other.

The event was a great success and the discussion continues in our AutoVitals Partner Forum on Facebook. And on the heels of this success we have decided to make the AutoVitals Partner Workshop a regular event. Workshops will be held in Santa Barbara and other locations across the country depending on demand.

A complete schedule of upcoming events will be posted soon but we don’t want you to miss out. So, if you think you are ready for this kind of engagement and coaching from your peers, please fill out the form below and let us know.

Pssst…. Don’t tell anyone but, the next one is going to be in Santa Barbara in August.

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