Service Advisor Huddle, June 2015

Uwe Kleinschmidt, Neil Reilly- Shapiro

AutoVitals has created a new way to see how the Service Advisors and Technicians use SmartFlow, the Tablet and the Point of Sales software (POS). This new Standard Operating Procedure is broken down into best practices and clearly explained through icons. In this Huddle, Uwe explains the steps and receives feedback on the usability and functionality of the Standard Operating Procedures.

Check out the highlights of the Standard Operating Procedures huddle. For more information, the full 1 hour version can be seen below!

Want to hear more about Best Practices and SOP? Please watch the full version of the Service Advisor Huddle below

For more information, please go here to see the blog post created about the Standard Operating Procedure. For more updates, go to our PM page where regular blog posts are added. If you are interested in discussing our products, we have created a Facebook page to join in conversation with our other clients. If you are interested in seeing the other Service Advisor Huddles, please click here.