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You know you need a website and would like it to look pro, Lite has some benefits but more cost-effectively. Videos to educate motorists, who look for a second opinion will more than double your website hits.

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Studio Quality Design, Expert Level SEO, and Affordable Cost

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You will catch yourself looking at your new website daily.  Fresh design ideas, Pictures and Videos make the story of your business  known to your customers and the world.


Searches for Educational Topics and Parts happen 30 times more often than searches for your shop. Combine both and rule your local Google Search.


Motorists want prompt responses to their questions and requests. Make it interactive if you want!


Expand your reach to more than one location (make it three with this Pre-sale special) and offer the service education your future customers are looking for.


Teach your Service Advisor how to increase lead conversion and job approval rate by listening to recorded phone calls and using our call analysis tool.


Just as your advisor helps your customers, your dedicated web expert is only a dial away to manage your web presence and implements your marketing plans with you.

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chat-alt-outlineHere is what I LOVE about my SuperStock website…

-A Shop Owner Perspective


My Website Ranks for the city the shop is in as well as a nearby neighborhood that brings in a lot of my ideal customers

Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to their being advertisements. In contrast, non-organic search results may include pay per click advertising.


I have landing pages for the makes I most want to work on  this helps me get phone calls for jobs we are great at

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land. You will have 30 unique landing pages for Makes and repairs that you choose to promote yourself for


It is important to me to rank in my city for certain repairs I specialize in

Ranking organically for 10 additional keywords, to broaden the type of new customers and increase the amount of new customers. Each keyword has its own landing page that shows up in search.


Tracking numbers enable call recording which allows me to coach service advisors on how to enchance their skills and improve their ability to sell jobs

It is valuable to me to able to tell how many phone calls came through the website and what % of those turned into customers.
Phone call tracking is a set of techniques and processes that allows business to track which marketing channels generate calls.


This website has the things I wanted with TopFuel, at a price point I can manage. SuperStock has proved to me the value of this platform and My next upgrade will be to TopFuel.

SuperStock Spotlight: 27th Street Automotive

TopFuel Spotlight: Tires Too

What Happens After I Buy SuperStock?

There are 5 steps our team will walk you through to launch your site in 30 days


Step 1
  1. Keyword meeting (3 days after process starts)
    1. Here we look at the keywords you are currently promoted for, decide which keywords we want to keep, which keywords we want to add, and which do we want to remove. This will be based on search volume, both local and nationwide

Step 2
Design Meeting (4 days after process starts)

Here we have a discussion about what you want the website to say about you, what you want it to look like, and what is the focus of website.

Step 3
Content meeting  (6 days after process starts)

We will send you content pages for location pages and ask you a few questions about your shop to generate the content for your site.

Step 4
Feedback meeting (14 days after process starts)

Once we have all the information from the previous meeting we will do 1-2 feedback meetings, where we will show you what we have and what you think about it.

Step 5
Launch meeting (30 days after process starts)

Once we have your approval, we will work together to launch the website and get it in front of new customers as fast as possible. Since we are keeping your existing domain, this process will be accelerated)

Your domain stays the same, all of your existing ranking will be maintained via redirects

You will rank for your new keywords after a 3 month ramp up phase

  • My Website Ranks for the city the shop is in as well as a nearby neighborhood that brings in a lot of my ideal customers
  • One keyword per landing page
    • I really like working on Specific repairs and on specific makes. I have a page on my site devoted to the repairs and makes I care most about
  • That’s a total 30 keywords (made up of Makes and Repairs) +1 location
  • Higher Click through Rates (5-10%)
    • The ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement.
  • I have a tracking number on my website that DOESNT rank in google and ruin my SEO
    • Calls from the website are recorded I can listen to phone call recording and coach my service advisor to sell jobs and get job approval.
  • Modern Design, My website represents my shop and I am proud to show it to people
  • Higher engagement (10-15% more internet customers)


You will be glad you did!