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Tablet Red Arrow Implementation

We have changed the way that technicians experience editing photos with our Red Arrow. Before, the red arrow was a setting that needed to be enabled on the tablet. Now, the setting has been removed which means the Red Arrows are available at all times and every photo can be edited. Furthermore, we have added a rotational and size adjustment function to the arrow for maximum control.


All tablet users see this screen after taking a photo. #1 they can add a red arrow to edit the photo, #2 they can add a caption to the photo, or they can simply upload with any edits or notes.

If the red arrow option is selected, the user must first place the point to the desired location. Then the user can use the bottom half of the arrow or the tail of the arrow to rotate into a desired location, keeping the point intact. Finally, the tech can either utilize the size adjustment slider (#3) OR use an intuitive pinch and zoom to make adjustments to the arrow’s size.


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