Task Manager in action

  • Tasks are created/assigned automatically to the service advisor (SA)

  • The Vehicle Alert Chat and The Task Manager remind the SA to act

  • Automatic Tasks are closed automatically upon the configured SA action

The use of the task manager can be found here.

This article covers the special behavior tied to some of the subtasks, which are broken down main tasks (up to 4 subtasks). Let’s take a look at the task

Review Inspection Results”

which is triggered by either submitting the vehicle from the tablet, the use of the smart alert on the tablet, or marking the job 100% complete (if configured). Best Practice is using the Smart Alert. The task has 4 subtasks:

  1. Browse topics
  2. Edit Images
  3. Prepare the Estimate
  4. Send results to the customer

We have implemented the following 3 utilities to help the SA:

  • when guided is switched on the SA will be taken to the places where the next action has to ocur
  • once the subtask “Prepare the Estimate” is active the vehicle will automatically moved to the workflow step configured as “Estimate”
  • once the result is sent to the customer the whole task is checked-off as done.

Do you have more questions or suggestions about the Task Manager? please go to the post in The Digital Shop Talk forum on Facebook and join the conversation!