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How Less Than 20 Seconds of Tech Videos Help Approve More Work

Videos Taken by Techs Start a New Way of Approval for Complex Repairs

Video taking is a no brainer with tablets. Not enough techs and service advisors though are professional video editors, so a video with blurry and shaking ‘things’, enriched by noise in the background can create the opposite, unprofessional impression with motorists. Solutions competitive to ours allow video taking, but the video has to be retaken or complex video editing software has to be used to create a professional tech video.

Introducing The Digital Shop® Tech Videos capability. Techs and Service Advisors can easily extract the essential video and audio parts and add notes to the video so motorists will see your educational tips overlayed on the video, even on a smartphone.


Motorists on Desktop or Mobile will see and hear the Techs’ findings

Taking videos specific to an inspection topic or work order has become super easy. The images below show the motorist experience on a smartphone (at the top) and desktop (at the bottom) of the same tech video.  In this case, the video is embedded in the work order as part of the diagnose and test proceduretech video with text overlay desktopThe Experience on the smartphone (the video plays in landscape mode).

tech video with text overlay mobile

The experience on the Desktop.

Techs select Video instead of Photo and Start recording

Just like today images and videos are taken using the image button on inspection sheet and work order. In the image below (at the top photo is selected, right below video is selected) you see the toggle for Video and Photo, an icon in the upper right shows the current selection.

photo selection

video selection

For both you can see, how the focus and zoom features are identical, as well as 3 flash modes can be toggled.

Once the video button is pressed, the countdown timer of 20 seconds starts. After the video recording has been stopped, the ability to select the correct frames for the service advisor by a simple finger movement of starting and end pointer is possible. A preview of the video and audio allows to select the accurate window (see below).

video preview and cutting on tablet

As with images, a note can be added to the video (later visible as text overlay) and the result will be uploaded upon pressing the upload button.

Service Advisor can extract shorter videos, edit the notes and disable Audio

Video editing works like a breeze for the service advisor. The following steps are possible (please check image below for the following explanation)

  1. To cut a video, let it play on the left-hand side and press “set start” at the time you want the new video to start. Repeat for the finish time, leave at 0 if unchanged
  2. Once the right window is selected the ‘Cut’ button will create a new video, and the original one will be deactivated for viewing automatically.
  3. The notes entered by the tech already will be visible for the service advisor to edit. Customer visible notes will appear in the inspection result for the customer, shop eyes only notes will only appear in the video editor on the TVP.
  4. Define where in the video the notes text overlay should be placed and
  5. Define whether any audio should be available for the motorist to listen to (default: on) and whether the video is selected to be viewed by the motorist (default: on).

video editor

Current Process


In the current process, videos are either not taken or outside of using the tablet with the work order or inspection sheet open.

It creates additional effort and it is harder to present to the customer.

Best Practice


Use video as often as you can when rotating parts need to be replaced, worn items don’t fit anymore and especially when you want to add audio explaining the diagnosis process including the results.

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