Service Advisor Huddle, Apr 2015

Uwe Kleinschmidt, Caleb Wray, Mike Kawell

This month, our Service Advisor Huddle focused on the newest  SmartFlow feature – TeE Times!  Technicians can now Clock-In on their tablet in the morning, pause for lunch, and Clock-Out before they go home. Each billable work step gets recorded as work is done. No more punching in an out on the wall clock. And with billing goals and work pace prominently displayed on each team members tablet they can also keep track of their own progress.

Check out the highlights of the TeE Times huddle.  For more information, the full 1 hour version can be seen below!

Want to hear more about TeE Times?  Please watch the full version of the Service Advisor Huddle below.

Want more info on TeE Times? Please read Uwe’s TeE Times blog post where he makes regular updates