AutoVitals tablet application

The pre-release of our electronic inspection sheet has hit our charter shops and the response is highly encouraging!

The most promising feedback is the ability to configure any aspect of the inspection sheet. Our charter shops have already begun to build new inspection sets and think about new ways of creating make specific inspection sheets, now that the limitation of a fixed, printed version is eliminated.

Get a an overview in the slide show below and watch our videos on how to set it up, configure and use the Electronic Inspection sheet. Did you know that we offer a lot more than just the inspection results with this release?

Service recommendationd specific to the odometer and vehicle type of the inspected vehicle and recent recalls will be presented to the service advisor, so no opportunity is missed to educate the motorist on recommended actions in conjunction with the inspection results.

Now lets explore how to use the EIS with pre-defined Inspection Sheets:

Note that if you are not an existing AutoVitals customer, the vehicle selection is performed on the tablet by creating a vehicle.

Do you want to define your own inspection sheet? Watch how you can start from scratch or copy and modify existing one and making them your own.

If you interested in more, please use the “Request to be contacted” on the right to get connected with the most integrated inspection solution in the industry!