Do you know the two, most asked questions by motorists when presented with an estimate resulting from an inspection of their vehicle?

Why does the work on my car need to be done now? 

What happens if I don’t do it?

You and your service advisor probably already do a great job educating your customers and providing the answers to those questions on the phone and at the counter.

But, what if the customer uses email, a smart phone, a tablet or a plain old computer on their desk to educate themselves on the internet?

What if you had a great way of being that source of education for your customers and…

  1. have your technician efficiently capture  images of the car’s problem area  in the service bay?
  2. let the service advisor   create the estimate based on the images and inspection results?
  3. send out the estimate as link to one web page with all information,  the  recommended jobs, images and  educational information ?
  4. call the customer and go through the complete information and sell the jobs ?

What if this software already existed for the following shop management software (SMS) products:

  • Mitchell1 and Mitchell1 team,
  • RO Writer,
  • ALLDATA Manage,
  • YES from Pace
  • Winworks
  • and more to come?

Introducing the AutoVitals Job Educator

Our latest real-time database extraction feature is at the core of a lot of exciting new benefits for the Automotive Professional and their customer.  The Job educator is just one of them.

Lets go through the typical steps during and after an inspection and see how good customer service and education is presented to car owners, enabled by the Job Educator.

  1. The vehicle is in the service bay, and while the technician is performing the inspection, he detects a problem with the brakes.
    He pulls out a smart phone and takes a picture of the problem area, and texts it to an AutoVitals email address after adding the license plate.
  2. In less than 5 minutes, the service advisor notices the image attached to the appointment on the Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) in AutoVitals and can add some description for the car owner, but most importantly, create the estimate in the SMS.

  3. AutoVitals will capture the new estimate from the shop’s database in less than 2 minutes and prepares a web page like the one below, where all important information is summarized for the motorist.
    On button press the service advisor emails the link to the motorist. Can you see how powerful the phone call to the motorist will be? “Could you please click on the link, and allow me to guide you through the information we prepared for you…” is one way of approaching the customer. Your seasoned service advisor will have no trouble incorporating the information in their phone call.


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