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Know Details of Todays Appointments!


In previous versions, the first workflow step has been the “Waiting on Drop Off” in SmartFlow. With SmartFlow X we have added the Workflow step “Todays Appointments”, which eliminates a few drawbacks of the previous concept such as

  • Quick Phone Estimates would show up and clutter the TVP (If estimates are shown)
  • Repair Orders, already created without a vehicle in the shop might clutter the TVP

The Today’s Appointments focuses on appointments, work orders and estimates for Today. That allows the following benefits

  • See what vehicles are expected to show up today and manage if they don’t show up in time
  • Start prioritizing them already in the morning.
  • Know your customer’s expectation (1): click on the wrench button to see the appointment text or jobs on the estimate
  • Check whether your customer has opened appointment reminder and gave you feedback on the recommendations from the last visit (2). More details in this article.

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