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Asian AutoTech of Ventura

Website: http://venturaautotech.com
Designer: Justin
Client: J.R. Luna
Part of the AutoVitals Family since: 2013
Smartflow? Yes!
More than 1 TopFuel Website? – Yes!
“…a website so nice, you’ll want it twice.”



venturaautotech.com Home Page

“Thank you for all your team has done for me over the years.”
– J.R. Luna, Owner
Concours Motors & Asian Autotech of Ventura

You care about your business and your online presence, but can’t find the time to tend to your current website, let alone build a new one. Sound familiar?
Being from the Ventura, CA area myself, I’ve had a particular soft-spot for J.R., and like all of the clients we work with, we want to see him succeed and get the most out of our program. Like many of you out there who are ambitious, passionate and driven to fulfill the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year… occasionally some of the more important things might get neglected or swept under the rug along the way. As you work hard to build your empire (like J.R.)… you might have found yourself saying things like this when talking about sprucing up your website or building a new one…

“I don’t have time…”

“It’s too much work…”

“My last web team was a pain in the @$$ to work with. I really, REALLY don’t want to go through that again…”.

And trust me, we get it… you’ve got employees to manage, technicians to train, bills to pay, motorists to keep happy and especially if you’re opening a second location like J.R., then “make it double”. So if you catch yourself uttering phrases like the ones above… you can rest-assured knowing “There’s an easy button” you can hit with the TopFuel program.

“The great thing about the TopFuel program is the setup can be as ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’ as you want.  The performance is there right out of the box.”
– J.R. Luna, Owner
Concours Motors & Asian Autotech of Ventura

When we begin the onboarding process, one of the important topics we cover is, “how much time are you (the shop owner) going to be able to devote to this project?” If you’ve got the time, our team will work with you as extensively as possible to uncover every little detail, leaving no stone unturned. On the other hand, if you’re the type that can barely afford to give up 15-30 minutes, at best, per week… we have an approach for that as well.

Throughout the process we will…

  1. Streamline conversations and deliver “top-level summaries” for the approach and what needs to be done
  2. Ask you the essential questions that get at the core of your value offerings and understand what makes you different in the market
  3. Make sure we’ve got a bullet-proof strategy to promote you in Google
  4. Create an effective design to represent your brand as best as possible.

From there, the AV Team will go on “AutoPilot” to create the vision we’ve established together in our conversations. However, along the way, we’ll be sure to get your “blessing” to move forward at various milestones, that way we don’t have any surprises when it’s time to hit “the launch button.” So if you’re someone like J.R. you might come to us with the following information…

What J.R. asked: “Hey Justin, I had a logo created for the new shop location, are you able to come up with a design so it looks like it belongs?”


What we did: used complementary color palette and strong high-impact font-family throughout the website to compliment the newly developed logo for a consistent branding approach.




What J.R. asked: “I need to specialize in Asian Makes but also be able to promote myself for specific services, what do you think is going to get me the most customers?”

What we did:  Formulated the best promotion strategy possible based on J.R.’s preferences and goals for the new location (services, makes and locations):













What J.R. asked: “I need to be able to visually compete with the dealerships in the area, how do we do that?”

What we did: Used high-impact photography reminiscent to what a visitor would see from a competing dealership to emanate the same degree of quality and value. This strategy worked perfectly in conjunction with having a lack of shop photography due to the location being so new.


venturaautotech.com Mazda Repair Landing Page

What J.R. asked: “I’m not going to have a whole lot of time to spend on content, can you guys take care of this for me?”

What we did: Took the recipe for success in our first TopFuel build and hand-crafted an approach to tap into the Asian Auto Repair market in his promoted locations.


So no matter how few or how many questions you have or how involved you’d like to be in the process. Know that our team can help accommodate and assist every step of the way and formulate the best strategy for a powerful and pain-free experience.  


Mobile Website – Home Page (iPad Mini 3)


Mobile Website – Videos Page (iPad Mini 3)


Mobile Website – Videos Page (iPad Mini 3 – Landscape)

Mobile Website with Expanded (open menu) – iPhone5s

Desktop Website (Brake Repair Page) – Windows 10 Running Edge 13 Browser


Desktop Website (Home Page Image Gallery Showcase) – Windows 8 Running Chrome Browser


Desktop Website (Management Team Page) – macOS Sierra Running Safari 10

“We’re very much looking forward to your future success and glad we’ll be a part of it.”
– The AutoVitals Team

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