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SmartFlow Training VideosSmartFlow Interactive Training Videos

Welcome to our SmartFlow interactive training videos! We’re pleased to offer a fun way to learn while following along with your training. These videos will begin with the basics and help you gain fundamental SmartFlow knowledge to get you started doing digital inspections. Once you master the basics, we’ll move on to the advanced 301 training and talk about workflow process and procedures.
Throughout the videos, we will ask you to respond to a few quiz questions to gauge your understanding of the application. This will help us tailor your training and provide you with the information you need. You will also be able to click on links in the videos to access additional information, request your username and password, and much more. So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy the interactive training!

SmartFlow 101 – How to Setup and Use SmartFlow

Using a tablet to perform digital inspections is the foundation of your SmartFlow training. So, we’ll start off with the basics, and show you how to get started. The first video in our SmartFlow training series How to Setup and Use SmartFlow focuses on getting the SmartFlow app setup on your tablet, customizing how your inspection reports will look, as well as performing your first digital inspection!.

SmartFlow Tips: Add Educational Videos

Videos can be a great educational tool for the customer. The video below explains how to automatically add educational videos to your inspection reports when the techs select a condition during the inspection.

SmartFlow 201 – How to Customize Inspection Sheets

SmartFlow comes preloaded with inspection sheets, but they are also 100% customizable. The second video in the series, How to Build Highly Effective Inspection Sheets, takes the next steps, showing you how to modify, edit, and customize inspection topics, conditions and actions.

SmartFlow 301.1 – SmartFlow Requirements & Recommendations

Now that you’ve mastered the SmartFlow basics, we’ll move on to more advanced topics in our 301 Training Series to help improve the workflow in your shop. To get started with your 301 Training you will need:

  • a tablet with the SmartFlow app logged into your shop, and assigned to a single technician
  • a minimum of 50 digital inspections done by your shop
  • and the link to your Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP)

The first video in the 301 series, SmartFlow Requirements and Recommendations, makes sure you’re ready to integrate with SmartFlow.

SmartFlow 301.2 – Simplified Workflow

The second video in the 301 series, Simplified Workflow, gives you an introduction into the Smartflow Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) and the standard workflow steps.

SmartFlow 301.3 – Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP) Intro

The third video in the 301 series, Today’s Vehicles page (TVP) Intro, gives you an introduction into the Smartflow Today’s Vehicle Page (TVP) and gets you setup to start using SmartFlow efficiently.

SmartFlow 301.4 – Inspect & Initial Work

The fourth video in the 301 series, Tablet: Inspect and Initial Work, we will be introducing the digital worksheet on the the tablet, and will perform the inspection and initial work on the repair order created in the first training video.

SmartFlow 301.5 – TVP: Service Advisor Steps

The fifth video in the 301 series, TVP: Service Advisor Steps, we’ll look at things from the Service Advisor’s point of view. We’ll review the inspection results submitted by the technician in the last video, email an inspection report to the motorist, and send the newly approved work back to the technician.

SmartFlow 301.6 – Tablet & TVP: Final Steps

You have almost completed your 301 training! In the final video in the 301 series, Tablet & TVP: Final Steps, we’ll start with the tech’s point of view on the tablet, and complete the newly approved work on the vehicle. And once that’s done, we’ll jump back to the TVP and see the final steps taken by the Service Advisor as we move the vehicle to the final step, Waiting for Pickup. CLICK HERE to watch the video