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Turbo V5.0.2 12/16/2018 New Features

The following new features have been implemented for the shops on the turbo line (some are available immediately on Standard as well and marked as such):

Customer (Motorist) Communication

  1. Turbo and Standard: Due to missing reliability of commercially available URL shorteners and their ability to be expanded by the different carriers we are implementing and brand a new URL for text messages: all motorist directed messages will use the link Motorist.Digital with some extension (e.g. motorist.digital/l/p4). Expect it to be live on Dec 18, 2018.
  2. Service and Appointment Reminders added appointment making directly from the calendar, saving another step.
  3. Turbo and Standard: Opting-in customers who opted out by replying STOP from all text messages can be asked to reconsider their communication preferences since STOP opted out form all text messages before communication preferences have been introduced.

Service Advisor benefits

  1. TVP ID for TVP users: users of the TVP will be asked to ID themselves with a 5 digit code every 30 minutes of inactivity on the TVP. In a first step, this allows the identification of the service advisor when chatting the technician. In the future, this will also direct the communication between the tech, AutoVitals tech support, and SAs to the terminal where the ticket submitter or chat recipient is logged on.
    All your admin/manager needs to do is to give TVP users a 5 digit ID on the service advisor setting page.

    From then on, the user of the TVP will be prompted to enter the ID right after initial login, and every 30 min of inactivity. The chat to technicians is then automatically done from the person’s name, who is logged in.
  2. Turbo and Standard: The Conversation Center has two new features
    1. Filter by Message Type
    2. Appointment Requests can be managed right from the Conversation Center (click here for more info, check the features marked as ‘New’)
  3. The Today’s No Show Column shows now in addition to the vehicles marked as ‘No Show” by the shop also all no-shows from the last 6 days.
  4. You can define up to 20 Autopilot KPIs to be monitored (formerly limited to 6) and you can switch on the ‘Outside of thresholds’ and all data value outside the configured thresholds are red colored.
  5. Special Markers used to link inspection sheets to the Work Order can now be made invisible/visible on the TVP
  6. Turbo and Standard: NAPA TRACS Legacy doesn’t keep unique job line IDs, which makes them lose notes, images, and Tech hours when moving on the work order. We have implemented a check, which detects moving jobs, If and only If their Title is NOT modified within 2 minutes.
  7. The Photo Editor will now show the job title for each image attached on the work order
  8. Smarter Carry Forward Features have been added to the existing Carry Forward feature (requires Turbo Tablet version V1.3.0)
  9. SmartFlow Turbo version 1.3.0


  1. Contact Us Form requests on AutoVitals websites are shown in the conversation center
  2. Deleted appointments are removed now from the shop’s google calendar
  3. The signature would appear twice in the conversation center, this has been fixed



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