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Turbo V5.0.3 12/29/2018 New Features

The following new features have been implemented for the shops on the turbo line (some are available immediately on Standard as well and marked as such):

Customer (Motorist) Communication

  1. Turbo and Standard: Due to missing reliability of commercially available URL shorteners and their ability to be expanded by the different carriers we are implementing and brand two new URLs for text messages, see image below for an example
  2. Turbo and Standard: AT&T customers used to receive up to 5 messages for one message since the carrier splits up all elements of a message like normal text and link into different messages. this has been fixed.
  3. In order to protect technician privacy, you can set the option that tech names are only be shown as initials on the inspection report

Service Advisor benefits

  1. Turbo and Standard: Appointment request times used to be missing/wrong in the email notification to the service advisor. That has been fixed.
  2. Smart Markers can now be made invisible. This will allow assigning each inspection sheet used to a job line on the work order, w/o occupying a spot on the vehicle tile. More info can be found here.
  3. Setting up and entering TVP codes every 30 minutes of inactivity for all TVP users allows identifying the TVP user all messages come from or should go to. It eliminates frustration through overcommunication, more details can be found here.
  4. Mountain Time and Central Time states with no Daylight Savings Time are supported now.
  5. Turbo and Standard: The business control panel shows the average values in the graph agenda allowing for direct comparison of trends AND avg values of staff members or time periods



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