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There are many different icons on the Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP). Each icon contains an impactful feature to help manage your shop’s workflow. This TVP Glossary is the list of icons with definitions. However, you do not need to have the list up all the time. As you might have noticed already, there are hover texts for all the icons on your TVP. A hover text will show up momentarily when you hover your mouse over an icon, and it will explain the function of the icon.

For a printable version of this glossary, click HERE.


Opens a list of submenu items

Tech View

Shows vehicles by tech assignment


All inbound & outbound customer communication

Schedule Appointment

Schedule the next appointment with customer

CRM Menu

Takes you to CRM dashboard

Inspection Sheets

Inspection sheet settings/configuration


Both SmartFlow & CRM settings

Today’s Vehicles

Create new vehicles tiles


Collapses or expands the tiles or internal conversation on TVP

Memory Disk

Saves different TVP layouts

Yellow Bubble

Number of vehicles either above or below the screen


Shows chat history between service advisors and technicians


Read and respond to messages from technicians to service advisors


Search for vehicles/customers

Workflow View

Shows vehicles by workflow management

Shop Meeting

Log in to Business Control Panel (BCP)

Confirm Appointment

Confirm appointment requests


Shows a list of reports to run

Inspection Results

View Inspection Results


Creates support ticket for technical issues

Potential Duplicates

Shows the number of potential duplicates

Sort by

Sort tiles by Promised Date, RO# or Drag&Drop

Load a Config

Loads saved TVP layouts

Alert Setting

YMM of vehicles that stay in certain workflow step will flash

TVP Audible Alert

Turn it on/off for incoming messages to service advisors

Vehicle Tile Glossary

The icons a vehicle tile change accordingly with different actions taken on the vehicle. There for it is important to read the hover text and this glossary to understand what each icon indicates.

Inspection was performed with 2 pictures taken
Check mark means inspection has been discussed with the motorist
Inspection was sent to the customer at least 20 minutes ago
There’s 1 rec from inspection report & 2 recs from POS
Sample special marker
This is the vehicle being worked on currently
Click to delete vehicle tile
Text message has not been clicked on yet by the motorist 
Email has not been seen yet by the motorist
Invalid email is used to send info to the motorist
There are still 3 jobs open on RO#52480
At least 1 video was taken on the inspection
Check mark means inspection has been discussed with the motorist
Motorist looked at the inspection for 221 seconds
Click here to add special markers
No inspection has been performed on this vehicle
Message has not been sent to the customer
Click to delete vehicle tile
Email message has been seen by the motorist
Text message has been opened by the motorist
There is an unseen or unchecked incoming message from the motorist
All jobs are completed on RO#52175

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