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The Digital Shop Talk Webinar

Watch this week’s webinar for updates and insights on the Business Control Panel, CRM Extension and Hunter Integration from AutoVitals CEO, Uwe Kleinschmidt, and AutoVitals Turbo user, Sara Savio.

You don’t want to miss: 

  • The Business Control Panel Help Center
  • How to analyze insights in the Business Control Panel
  • Last minute additions to CRM
  • Details on the Hunter Integration

And More!

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Webinars in This Series

Branding and Use in Inspection Results

In this week's Digital Shop Talk webinar, learn more about the latest extension to the inspection results, the Brand Manager, the next release schedule and get an update on the SmartFlow App for the tablet. You don't want to miss:  The weekly Digital Shop Talk...

Do’s and Don’ts of the Brand Manager

In this week's Digital Shop Talk webinar, Uwe Kleinschmidt takes you through the new Brand Manager that will be available to AutoVitals users next week. With the Brand Manager you will be able to customize Service/Appointment Reminders, campaigns, Thank you emails,...

Do’s and Don’ts of Using the Business Control Panel Part 2

In this week's Digital Shop Talk webinar, Tom Dorsey and Nima Djoo explain how to use the Business Control Panel to analyze your business performance, identify areas that need improvement and how to find solutions. You don't want to miss:  How to analyze trends using...