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V4.5: Tablet Odometer Implementation

We have changed the way that technicians experience pop-ups for the odometer input. Upon opening a vehicle, technicians will no longer experience an initial pop-up. They will notice a flashing “i” button in the top left-hand corner accompanied by a one-minute prompt for action.


Flashing “i” indicates that the vehicle does not have a odometer value. Technicians can manually press the flashing “i” to enter the odometer at their convenience OR simply wait for the one-minute prompt



If the prompt is dismissed, meaning a value of zero is entered, the subsequent prompts will appear on a decreasing interval (60s, 50s, 40s, etc) until a value is entered or the vehicle is marked N/A. Checking the N/A box bypasses the need for assigning an odometer value to that Repair Order.


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