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Banner for Special Customers Step 1

Select Customer and Banner

The Banner Appears for this Customer Only

Toggle Views on the MSO KPI Dashboard

New Appointment Request Options

New Features and BugFixes

Custom Banners and new KPI- Dashboard feature for Multi-Shop Owners are the highlights of this release.

Customer (Motorist) Communication

  1. Custom Specific Inspection Header (see the image in the slider at the top)
    If your commercial customers want to co-brand the inspection result with you, just design a custom banner and upload it by specifying the customer. 
  2. Manage Subscription Link for Canned Messages
    The need for the placeholder [UnsubscribeUrl] in canned messages has been eliminated. The software will add it automatically if the message doesn’t contain a link to a landing page already, otherwise, the landing page includes an unsubscribe link automatically.

Service Advisor / Shop Owner benefits

  1. Multi-Shop Owners/Coaches/Product Advisors have more time to go golfing (see the image in the slider at the top)
    The Business Control Panel allows Multi-Shop Owners to get an overview of all their shops in two views (Images in the slider)
    a. Up to 5 shops with up to 50 KPIs
    b. Up to 5 KPIs for up to 50 shops 
  2. Appointment Request Extensions (see the image in the slider at the top)
    The new appointment request form eliminates the need to enter a carrier for text messages, and offers more options to define the need for a shuttle and other requests.
    You can define whether the appointment time is the exact appointment time or the shop’s opening time


  1. The sporadic delay of up to several minutes between editing a work order note in the Notes/Image editor and the update of the work order has been fixed.
  2. The sporadic occurrence of temporary disconnects to the AutoVitals server has been eliminated.
  3. Canned Jobs in PoS CoStar have been processed irregularly. This has been fixed.



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