All Updates for TVP.X, AutoVitals.X and TVP-Legacy

  1. (PoS integration): Shop-Ware has been integrated with one pilot shop. If you use Shop-Ware and are interested to be integrated, please let your advisor know.

  2. (TVP.X): All appointments in the date-specific columns on the workflow view are now sorted by appointment time, no matter what the preset sorting order is.

  3. (TVP.X): All images have a visible timestamp

  4. (TVP.X): Full year, make, and model of the vehicle is shown upon hover over of the YMM on the tile

  5. (TVP.X): If used in non-integrated mode (not a compatible PoS), customer names are editable on the TVP.X

  6. (TVP.X): The task “Review Work Order” is now always created when entering the “Waiting for Work finished” step, no matter where it came from (only works when option for auto-approval of jobs for the workflow step is enabled

  7. (TVP.X): The “Read Receipt” checkmark has more visible now and distinguishes between single and multiple participants in the chat.

  8. (AutoVitals.X): Techs only log in once, no tech re-assignment is possible once logged on. In addition, the role of an implementer can log in as SA to the TVP.X and as Tech to the tablet.

  9. (AutoVitals.X): Unapproved jobs are not shown on the tablet anymore

  10. (TVP Legacy): A new ticket submission dialog has been introduced to streamline TVP.X and TVP legacy tickets