task manager

All Updates for TVP.X, AutoVitals.X and TVP-Legacy

  1. (TVP.X): For “All SAs on Alert” shops, which don’t use a Production Manager, and instead request from SAs to take tasks from the shop pool, an SA can assign other SAs tasks to themselves. The TVP.X banner shows both the number of open tasks per logged in user and the shop (image below). More details can be found here

  2. (TVP.X): An additional filter in the AV support chat allows browsing all open help tickets for this shop no matter, who submitted it.

  3. (TVP.X): SAs, or production managers, who have been subscribed to vehicle chats, can remove themselves by button press (see below) from the chat to avoid overcommunication on a vehicle chat they initially took part in.

  4. (TVP.X): Jobs on the Work Order popup are by default expanded and can easily be collapsed/expanded (see below)

  5. (TVP.X and TVP Legacy): Motorists can be enrolled manually in the  vehicle/driver directory

  6. (TVP.X): Loyalty Points are automatically added to the motorist account at vehicle pick up, the point amount is based on the shop configuration.

  7. (AutoVitals.X): A new test flight version is being made available to shops, which experience, under certain circumstances, a white screen and involuntary logout.