Peace of Mind During Onboarding and Customization of Emails

The Vital Retention program sends out a significant variety of email reminders, e.g., for upcoming appointments, services due and overdue and more. Some of them can be customized by you, so it is important to know how they look exactly before sent out.

This capability is available in your MyShop section and the images below guide you through the simple way of verifying the look and feel of those email with your customized content.

service reminder test

On the Customer Communication tab you now find a test button for each email sent out. Lets use the service reminder as example. Once ‘test’ is clicked, a pop up asks you to select a real customer name (1) and the search results shows how many vehicles they own and how many recommendations will be sent out.

Select a customer (2) and enter an email address (3), which the service reminder will be sent to. Click the send button and check the inbox for the test email, which will look like the exact email sent, but marked with “Test” in the subject line.

test service reminder