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Increase Tech Efficiency with VibAlerts

Technicians working on the vehicle are often interrupted by audio or visual alerts from the service advisor and the tablet, which will interrupt the tech in their work, which is just another source of interrupts and potential errors.

Introducing SmartFlow’s VibAlerts. VibAlerts is a device with three distinct vibration patterns to signal new messages from the service advisor, new vehicle assignment, and a modified repair order. Hooked up to the SmartFlow tablet, they allow the tech to stay focused at their work many feet away from the tablet and make decisions about what the next best action is. VibAlerts are very affordable and can be ordered here in sets of 5 devices.

How VibAlerts work

Every time the service advisor does any of the following actions for a work order with an assigned tech a distinct vibration pattern notifies the tech about the nature of the action:

  1. New Message – short pulse vibration (Staccato)
  2. New Vehicle – heartbeat like vibration
  3. New Job on an existing work order – long pulse vibration
VibAlert Setup

See the setting page below. The third entry “Bluetooth” lists all found Vibalerts in the proximity of the tablet after you pressed the scan button. Select one of the found VibAlerts and press the Vibrate button to identify which one it is and to test it.  You are ready to go. No other settings are needed.

Not working? there are four reasons why it might not work, please check and eliminate them as the root cause:

  • The Bluetooth is not enabled, go to your general tablet settings and switch it on
  • The Vibalert is not charged, please use the USB charging cable, which came as part of the shipment and charge the Vibalerts.
    • upon unpacking, It can take up to three days to charge them fully
    • while charging, blinking LEDs (up to three) indicate the charging status.
  • The Vibalert is not close enough or covered by some metal
  • The Smartflow app version is lower than 1.1.20, please update your software


Current Process
Currently, only audio signals are possible to alert the tech. They are easy to overhear.
Best Practice
Configure your Vibalert by having the tech grab one, and go to their service bay to avoid cross configuration if they are all at the same spot.