Brake Pad ServiceI am excited to announce our next addition to your tool box:
AutoVitals TV Service Recommendations.

Our talented TV crew, in conjunction with you, our client, has started creating, what was either cost prohibitive before or wasn’t adjusted to the motorist’s request for brief, educational videos.
Check below, how uniquly the videos address your and your customers’ needs:


Let Motorists interact with you at their time of need

On web siteHave all videos as library on your website.

Let your customers and new visitors to your website know, how you care about the health of their vehicle.

The videos, authored for you and your shop will speak for you.  

TabletPoint at the right videos on your computer or tablet when at the counter and responding to an inquiry what job is recommended. Pages like these  (click on the link and select one job recommendation to explore) are a source for a quick, but highly effective education. 
estimate with images and educationl videosUse the AutoVitals Job educator to sell inspection results.

Links to the videos directly related to the inspection results help motorists to understand “Why Now?” and “What happens if I don’t do it?” immediately and make the service advisor’s job highly effective. You might not need the phone anymore, since your personalized education takes care of it and your customer can watch your recommendation when they want.

brake pad replacmentWhen service reminders are pointing out the recommendation for a formerly declined or over due job, the videos in conjunction with educational material make it easy for your customers to explore the necessity for the service, just like you were talking to them at the counter.


Motorists are motivated because the videos are authentic

ATG Auto RepairA picture of the primary contact with the motorists (you or your service advisor) and your shop are telling the story. Depending on your needs, we use your images only or add your own voice-over or record the whole video for you
recommendation for trnamissionYour recommendations is motivated by showing the impact of NOT performing the service and how valuable the vehicle’s health is. 
cost avoidance transmissionUsing a three-star ranking, Cost Avoidance, Safety Relevance and Environmental Impact are ranked, so your customers can get a sense of the impact of the service proposed. 
seldon outroBased on when the video is used, the call to action is adjusted. A video shown when presenting the inspection results ask your customer to Authorize the Estimate, whereas videos as part of the service reminder ask to schedule an appointment.



Watch Bob Thomas Educate Motorists!


And explore Here how we leverage the videos

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PS: click below and see how magically two images of you and your shop turn into an educational video!


Super Easy! All we need are two images of you and your shop!

Check how we us Seth’s portrait image below and turn it into a video for his shop. mastercraft