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Email/Text and Appointments Integrated with Your Vehicle Dispatching

Digital Motorists use email and text to communicate and less and less use their phone and talk to the service advisor. Shops are forced to constantly check email and text applications in addition to the Point of Sale to stay updated on responses and requests from their customer. No More. Introducing the Conversation Center.

The Conversation Center is a bi-directional email and text tool fully integrated with the PoS and SmartFlow. It’s benefits include, but are not limited to

  • Alerts for incoming messages (email or text) from customers
  • Alerts about outgoing messages (email or text) to customers, who have not opened (email) or clicked (text) the message yet
  • Up to 15 canned messages, customizable in templates
  • ‘Reply-in-kind’: if a message has been sent by text or email, clicking on the reply link automatically selects the method the customer used to send the original message
  • All messages are organized in conversations, which groups all back and forth messages in one thread of communication
  • Appointment requests can be confirmed right from the message
  • The Today’s Vehicles Page (TVP) shows the communication status (open, clicked, unseen, delayed message)


The conversation center uses the phone number for texting, which has been set up automatically during onboarding. This phone number can be found by hovering over the shop name on the TVP.

The email address used is the so-called failsafe email address, which is any Gmail address you own and have set up as part of the onboarding process. It can be modified at any time in the shop management tab of the Inspection settings.

Launch from the Menu

 The conversation center opens on a separate tab and shows the last 50 conversations in the last 24 hours sorted by timestamp (most recent first) by default.

All conversations can be sorted by

  • timestamp
  • conversation status, the icon meaning is on the right
  • outgoing vs incoming
  • Message Type

clicking on the icon or content link opens the message and lets you respond free form or by selecting an existing canned message. If you want to open a new conversation, click on the icon next to the customer’s name and start typing.

All messages are managed in the conversations center.  Automated messages like Appointment requests and reminders as well as manually entered text messages or emails.

Do you want to send a message to somebody who is not on the list? Just search for the name, email address, or phone number in the customer name search field and see their history of conversations and continue one or start a new one. It is integrated with your PoS.

Launch from the Alert Window

At the top of the TVP, you have the alert window indicating incoming messages of the last 24 hours and those outgoing messages of the last 72 hours, which are still unseen by the customer. Excluded from the unseen are automatically sent messages like reminders, campaigns, activation messages.

Clicking on either alert counter will filter the incoming only (or unseen only) and display them, sorted by timestamp. Just click on the message to respond to, expand the whole conversatio in history and start typing the response.

Check off the checkbox next to the icon, when done and the alert counter will reflect it.

See below all important elements of the communication pop up

  1. last response from customer
  2. the response in kind, texting is preselected
  3. the greeting is already there form the template, just type your response
  4. the footer is already added as well
  5. hit ‘Send Message” and you are done

Launch from the Vehicle Tile

Every tile will reveal on hover over of the customer name what type of communication is possible. In the example, there is no email address available, only texting is possible.

Clicking on the communication icon (text message has not been clicked on yet) will open the conversation center with all conversations between the shop and the customer, so you can get an overview before you respond.

Note that both email and the text message will both be sent if the communication preferences allow both types. Every customer has the opportunity to manage their communication preferences by clicking the link in every text or email sent. Depending on the type of message, customers can manage what they’d like to receive (see image below).

Often there is a need to look for a specific kind of communication, e.g., how many Thank you email/texts have been sent in a particular time frame and how many have been opened/clicked. Where the appointment requests responded to by the service advisor.

Just go to the message type and select the one type you are looking to filter all messages.

If you are not seeing all types, you might have set already a Filter for the messages in your conversation center. This filter could be any of the following:

  1. Incoming or unseen messages only
  2. Message in a specific time window only
  3. Message to and from a specific customer only

Make sure you press the ‘X’ to switch to all messages of all time to see all message types.

The conversation center allows confirming appointment requests or even rescheduling confirmed appointments. See the image below where you can see that one appointment is requested whereas another one is already confirmed.

To manage the appointment, click on the appointment date link and the google calendar with your existing appointments is visible.

All appointment in your PoS and/or AutoVitals appointment manager are visible. Click Confirm to confirm the appointment, which allows you to select from the preferred or second choice appointment date/time. 

Upon confirmation, the customer receives a confirmation and the appointment appear in the google calendar (this can take up to 2 minutes). Once confirmed the appointment can only be rescheduled. the confirm and ignore buttons disappear.

Rescheduling guides you on what to do next:

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