The Digital Shop - Multi-shop Chart

All Updates for TVP.X, AutoVitals.X and TVP-Legacy

  1. (TVP.X): Multi-Shop owners and trainers/coaches can plot trends for up to 5 locations for one KPI (see featured image of the article above).

  2. (TVP.X): The Customer View and Shop-Eyes Only View of the inspection results and work order can be accessed directly from the Work Order Pop Up. Note that the send button on both pages sends the same customer view to the cell or email address given.

  3. (TVP.X): A set of multiple images per inspection topic can be navigated in by motorists w/o leaving the image viewer

  4. (TVP.X): When Hunter equipment’s VIN reader identifies the VIN incorrectly and it gets corrected in the Hunter software, the results get disassociated from the AV’s inspection results. You can now relink the results to the correct vehicle.

  5. (TVP.X): The legacy inspection results viewer will be deprecated with the next release and replaced by the redesigned one including the audit feature.

  6. (TVP.X): Issues you might have reported and have been solved will be communicated directly to you. Please check your open issues list in the AV Tech Support chat.

  7. (TVP.X and TVP Legacy): The text communication window for Sundays can be configured separately.

  8. (AutoVitals.X): the version 6.0.74 has been released on 09/05 with dozens of new features and bugfixes. Please make sure you update your tablets, if you haven’t done so yet.