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You benefit from a huge support library of Support Articles created by AutoVitals Team Members, Trained Digital Supervisor Trainers who are shop owners themselves, and commented on by other Automotive Community members taking their businesses to the Digital level.

The Digital Shop Support Library

The Digital Shop Training

1. Introduction

Welcome to AutoVitals! We are so glad that you have decided to take the digital leap. The Digital Shop platform was created upon a framework of 7 customer touchpoints. AutoVitals was started in 2009 and we have since been working with  thousands of independent auto repair shops in North America and discovering so much! Together, and with immense data, we have been able to look at motorist behavior and keep shop systems current with what today’s motorists expect. The 7 touchpoints are not just a marketing infographic, they are our guiding philosophy and are backed by shops that swear by it, ATI, and many others.

In the 7 touchpoint videos, we show how every touchpoint looks in The Digital Shop with AutoVitals. You can also find scripts for pick up and drop off to provide your team with in our DSOP or Digital Standard Operating Procedure.

2. Installation

3. Get Started

A great place to begin is working with your AutoVitals product support specialist. If you prefer to do this on your own time we have created interactive training videos for you and your team to use!

4. Troubleshooting

Before making ANY changes to your server, please contact AutoVitals. If you replace your server WITHOUT notifying us you will likely incur another setup fee as we will have to set up the AutoVitals integration from the beginning.

If you have technical difficulties, no data, missing info or other connectivity issues, please submit a ticket using the report a problem button. 

If your system is experiencing problems after you have made a change at the shop or lost power or internet you can always check help.autovitals.com/status for a updated status of our system.

Request a Feature or Open a Ticket

If you are having Technical Difficulties please submit a ticket. For Feature requests please use the FB forum

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