The 7 TouchPoints of Motorist Engagement

Search & Educate

Motorists google for symptoms they hear, smell or see to find out what is happening with their vehicle. If a shop recommended to replace certain parts, they go to google for a second opinion to find out more about the service and if it’s relevant.

Drop Off

When motorists drop off their vehicle they want to be assured that all concerns are taken care of but are usually they are also in a rush. If they are confident in the shop and can easily review work, separation anxiety will be eliminated. If confidence is instilled, Motorists approve additional work stemming from last visit’s inspections results or from maintenance recommendations.


Motorists are eager to know what is going on with their car. They must decide to opt in to notifications so that they will be given status updates throughout the visit. Motorists will be more open to approving additional work that is found, if their questions are answered swiftly and with relevant information.


Once motorists have researched their inspection results and found the severity of the issue to be justified, they will approve additional work. If their budget allows and the severity was made transparent by the shop, using images and videos of the vehicle’s problem areas, motorists are responsive to the shop and feel good about their decision.

Pick Up

Picking up the vehicle is a relief for many motorists. Great service and education generates a loyal customer. Based on their experience with the shop they will book their next appointment, if offered by Service Advisor. Additionally, the shop will let the motorist know they will get documentation about their visit emailed to them.

Thank You

A motorist’s positive experience at the shop is made even better with a personalized thank you providing them with a valuable vehicle service history and health score. The motorist is again reminded of their great experience before asked to leave a review. They recount their visit as they are deciding what to write, solidifying your shop as their shop.

Follow Up

Often vehicle service and repair needs are out of sight and out of mind the moment the motorist takes the vehicle back on the road and the problems are fixed. Sending a service reminder, especially if it points to declined work from the last visit, will encourage motorists to think about scheduling the next appointment. From your shop website to emails, all material is branded keeping your shop in their mind when they think auto repair.