inspection results (1)Get More Reviews and More Appointments!

Motorists receive thank you emails from shops every day, and some leave a review, but more and more don’t. Why? They are inundated with emails containing generic call to actions.  The solution: shops review each other to collect more reviews. Hm…

AutoVitals added a new Thank You Email to TopFuel and personalized it so that the shop experience is remembered well, the motorist is educated and more genuine reviews and appointments happen.

Here is how it works.

Once the motorist receives a shop authored Thank You email link the one below and clicks/taps the call to action,


thank you email big

The motorists with gmail address will see what their review will look like on Google, and how the visit at your shop has increased the vehicle health. In addition the recent visit is reviewed in terms of what services have been performed and which ones are recommend for the next visit.

thank you email

The recommendations are reinforced with the images taken of the problem area of the motorist’s vehicle as well as the areas in mint condition. Check below how the motorist experience looks like:


inspection results (1)

We are reaching out to selected clients to perform field tests and will update you as soon as we have statistical evidence will substantial increase of reviews and appointments. Stay tuned!