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Learn the best ways to use The Digital Shop platform with our in-depth online training materials, video courses, and live webinars.

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We’re broadcasting every week to get you up to speed and show you all our tips and tricks.

Digital Shop Talk Radio

Each week we will welcome successful digital shop owners from across the country and gain valuable insights that will save you a ton of time and frustration as you transition your shop from paper to digital.

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Tablet Setup

If you are a NAPA DVI user click here for instructions on how to set up your tablet and get up in running with DVI.

For all other customers click here to set up your iPad and begin performing digital inspections.

SmartFlow Tablet Training for Technicians

We have updated our SmartFlow Tablet Training for our shops! Our updated tablet training includes how to use features available on AutoVitals Digital Shop platform v4.6.

Digital Standard Operating Procedures (DSOP)

You will find supporting documents such as the TVP Glossary, Master Standard Operating Procedures, Customer Drop Off Script, Picture Policy and other helpful documents to utilize in your shop!

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