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Best Timing when Educating Motorists

Motorists have plenty of opportunities to educate themselves with Google in their pocket. As a consumer, we want to buy and not be sold. By providing them with relevant education in the inspection results, motorists don’t need to google.  They prefer researching the high-quality findings provided by your service advisor. SmartFlow offers now guidance to the service advisor on the TVP to time exactly when to call the motorist so they can research on their time, without being pressured to buy.







Three types of guidance

65% of all service advisors send less than 75% of available inspection results. Sending the Inspection report is an additional step they have to do and often forget.

SmartFlow will detect whether the inspection report has been sent when the vehicle is moved over to the approval step (see image below) and prompts the service advisor with the information on

  • what inspection reports have not been sent out yet and should be (checkmark set)
  • what topics have no observation and no recommended action (red)
  • what topics have no recommended action (yellow)

If OK is pressed all marked inspection results will be sent in on email/text. If ‘Don’t Allow’ is pressed or the window closed, the vehicle will not advance in the workflow to give the service advisor the opportunity to re-assign the incomplete inspection to the tech (who then receives an automated reminder chat alert) or to finish adding the missing information.

Once the vehicle is moved to Approval a 20-minute countdown is started to alert the service advisor how far the motorist is into researching the inspection results.

Once 19 minutes are expired, the icon starts flashing and after one minute shows an orange icon with a phone icon on it to remind the service advisor to call now:

clicking on the phone icon shows the # to call and a checkmark appears to indicate that the phone call has been made.

How Workflow Notifications and Inspection Results work together

Workflow Status Notifications (explained here) can be used for announcing to motorists that inspection results will be sent in a few minutes, when sent out with the workflow step “Build Estimate”. Another option is to encourage the motorist to call back by texting “Call us for pricing and options” sent when moving the vehicle to “Approval” with the inspection results.

Define for your shop what the best process is and set up the process. You will be amazed how approval rates go up.

Typical Configurations

After Onboarding the following three workflow steps are enabled by default

  • Waiting for Initial Work/ Inspect
  • Waiting for Estimate
  • Waiting for Pickup

This will make the motorists waiting and checking for the inspection results. You can customize any aspects of the workflow notifications.


Current Process




Currently, Service Advisors send inspection results at different points of the workflow without a reminder.


Best Practice


Best practice is allowing the motorist to study the results and not call them right away. Instead, a workflow status notification encourages them to call the shop with questions. If they have not called the shop after 20 minutes (countdown timer is flashing) you call them.



Quantified Benefits



Approval rate increases of 40-50% are possible, and more customers will be engaged.


DST & Training


Join a Digital Shop Team and make sure to evaluate the best option for your shop with your trainer.


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