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Motorists Appreciate Updates from You!

After motorists have dropped off their vehicle at the shop, they often follow up with phone calls to find out about the progress or maybe they are so busy that they can’t even get the phone call in but would still appreciate any update on how their baby is doing.

Introducing SmartFlow’s automated workflow status updates. Based on the preferred way of receiving the update notification per email or text, the motorist receives automatically an update the moment the service advisor has moved the vehicle into a workflow step activated for notification. In order to protect the service advisor from erroneous vehicle management, the notification will only be sent out when the vehicle has entered the workflow step the first time. Thus repeat back and forth between workflow steps will not be sent to the motorist.

How the Motorist experiences the Notification

As demonstrated in the images below, the motorist receives an email or text with a link to the vehicle specific web page, which shows

ccc wf notification



  1. Your shop name
  2. The notification specific to the workflow step the vehicle entered
  3. An image of the vehicle (stock photo or an image the motorist or shop uploaded)
  4. The services being performed on the vehicle
    1. All authorized jobs are visible
  5. Links to already performed inspections at this or previous visits
    1. If the inspection has not been emailed or texted already a disclaimer about the inspection results being still incomplete is added
How the Service Advisor is activating the workflow step

The image below shows how easy it is to

  1. Activate the workflow step with a simple check of a box
  2. Preview the existing default message or
  3. Modify the default message into your shop specific one.

workflow notification

The Vehicle has already advanced further in the Workflow when Motorists open the text/email

To avoid that motorists are misguided, the additional wording “Your vehicle has advanced further since this message has been sent, we’ll keep you updated.” is being added to the notification.

Current Process

Currently, only phone calls or manually created emails and text messages are used to update the motorist. It i time consuming and requires a lot of consistency, which is hard to maintain in an interrupt driven environment.

Best Practice

Start with a few workflow steps like approval and pick up and once you are confident and have the positive feedback by your customers activate any workflow step you deem helpful in reducing busy work for the service advisor.

Quantified Benefits

Based on feedback by our customers, 30-40% reduction in call volume have been achieved. This time can now be used to educate motorists during the approval process. Win-Win, don’t you think?

DST & Training

During the one-day Digital Supervisor Training, you will experience hands-on how to create inspection results efficiently and how to email and text them to the motorist as part of a new process the Service Advisor will need to develop muscle memory for.

Check out the location in your area, where you can sign up for the Digital Supervisor Training here

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