True Power of TopFuel

Why TopFuel is so Powerful in Generating new Customers

TopFuel has been released in August 2014 and powerfully changes the life of many AutoVitals clients. Some were able to grow their business and hired more staff, some regret to not leverage TopFuel’s power and still need to refuse service to prospective customers, since their operation is already maxed out, but all these clients say that TopFuel changed their lives as business owners.

Success Stories

Ron Warman with Ron’s Automotive in Vancouver invested a substantial amount of $200k in a new painting machine, since his service advisor could successfully turn many prospective callers into customers for his business. Within one year the revenue from new customers increased by whopping 32%.

Ron Haugen with Westside AutoPros in West Des Moines gives us feedback in almost every scheduled or not scheduled call on how TopFuel is changing his business for the better. The numbers are highly convincing, his revenue increase in one year was 49.2% for new customers (did I use “whopping” already?).

Caleb Wray with Motor Motion Automotive has faced challenges with the influx of new customers and changed staff and process in his shop to manage the opportunity. The revenue from new customers over one year increased by eighty-six (86) percent. No typo. Don’t believe me? Give Caleb a call.

Why we’re different

We are being asked what is so different about TopFuel compared with the many other offerings in the market? Are we just chasing Google in a temporarily better way and it will be a fluke soon? Are we just lucky?

First of all we have true professionals at work. We decided last year to lift the quality of our clients’ web presence significantly by offering truly unique content and using the most updated web technologies. I can now report that the investment in designers, technical writers, web and SEO technology gurus creating web agency quality web presences is paying off. Check out this story about Precision Automotive Service in Endicott, NY, where our staff not only pulled off a huge accomplishment but also demonstrated an unprecedented sense of urgency.

In addition to responsive professionals we have done research into one critical success factor, which has been guiding us all along: How do motorist search, what do they search in what circumstances and what user experience gives them the most personalized information, so calls to the shop are made? Guided by Google’s research results we have uncovered the HUGE potential of educational information. As outlined in an article I wrote about the major shift of getting educated on the web vs calling experts, what motorists are truly looking for is not provided by the majority of web solutions in the market. TopFuel is unique in providing truly educational information and Google and Motorists appreciate it.

Check out the comparison below between existing solutions in the market and TopFuel and
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