inspection-stickerCustomize your Inspection Reminder

Vital Retention, AutoVitals’ CRM component of the Smartflow Engagement Suite, has had always the possibility to configure emission test reminders.

We have made this completely universal with the latest release. No matter what Inspection, you can customize it to your needs.

Check the steps below and Happy Customizing!


Setup Step 1: AutoVitals kicks it off

Contact your AutoVitals Product Advisor and let them know what job codes or job names on your invoice should be monitored.

They will configure it shown below in our backend for you. A typical Job Name would be “STATE SAFETY INSPECTION”

define state inspection job codes and job decscription

Setup Step 2: You finish it

Go to your ‘MyShop’ page and click on “State Inspection Reminder” on the left. Then enable the reminders.

state inspection

It will show you all the different customization options. Please follow the marked numbers in the image below to explore the rich variety of options.

state inspection configuration

  1. The Inspection Name is the Word Sequence, which will be used for the title and wording (4) of the reminder text
  2. Tell us the due date frequency in multiples of a year.
  3. The reminder settings determine the content and frequency of the reminder ONCE the due date has been hit
  4. This section shows what wording you can expect in the reminder. “emission test” is copied from the title automatically.
  5. The follow up reminders (2nd, 3rd, etc.) are controlled by either the service reminder setting or one after 4 weeks
  6. Feel free to add any text
  7. Attach a coupon
  8. Preview how he email will look like
  9. Activate the Reminder