TopFuel KPIsReviewing Performance Indexes Made Easy

Business owners working on the business, and not in it, define key performance indicators (KPI) for their business, setting a baseline and monitor against this baseline. Although the urge is big, selecting more than three KPIs at a time is not only too aggressive, it backfires most of the time. Only a few businesses find themselves in a situation when revolutionary changes can be made and do not impact the business negatively at least initially.

The recommended practice is to identify one ‘biggest bang for the buck’ KPI and start with that one. The success of a low hanging fruit KPI with big outcome after three months will motivate all participants to take the next step and add one or more KPIs. With our newest reporting solution we are able to provide a quick and easy to read report on selected KPIs from of over 20.

Select the KPI for a certain time window and compare it with the set goal. This method will empower you and your AutoVitals advisor to monitor and achieve success consistently.

Check out a typical example below and  contact your advisor for the next steps!

TopFuel KPIs compared