• Reminders to the motorist include vehicle specific recalls, which have been brought to the Motorist’s attention
    • at vehicle drop-off or pick-up
    • during a follow up call
  • Motorists are more likely to be engaged in opening the reminder email and making an appointment
  • Service Advisors can go full circle in the engagement with the motorist during and after the previous visit and prepare the next visit
  • Recalls help in educating the Motorist with personalized and vehicle specific information

  • Motorists receive Follow Up Calls by the service advisor, which make the vehicle specific recommendations and recalls the center of the conversations. The call campaign page in AutoVitals helps organizing this call, provide all recalls in a list. 

If there is an active recall on their vehicle, the ‘RC’ icon will be red. Clicking on the icon will bring up a list of the recalls with more information in a pop-up window:

  • The more concrete the better the chance for an appointment to take care of the recalls.
  • Service Advisors or a hired member of the staff (never outsource this trusted conversation) have the opportunity to reinforce the same message as told at Vehicle Pick-Up
  • Service Advisors will build more trust in their ability to educate the motorist
  • Service Advisors should request form the techs to take images during the digital inspections, so they show up in the thank you email (see below) and the service advisor can use educational videos on the website to help educating the motorist

The critical success factors for an effective retention process are:

  • Educate the motorist about the need to address the recalls and service recommendations.
  • Personalize the motorist’s experience to increase the trust in the Service Advisor.
  • Recalls are a trigger word and discussing them (along with Service Recommendations) could be the last thing the Service Advisor needs to do to score an appointment.

Our Recommendation:

There is no better way to engage the motorist than with vehicle specific and personalized information. Discussing Recalls (and Service Recommendations) in calls to motorists is highly recommended.