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Set expectations to make and keep happy customers.

Welcome to the Digital Shop!

Start each visit out right by setting your customer’s expectations of the service and communication your Digital Shop will provide. Taking a little extra time at the counter to make sure each customer is told what the next steps are, and what they need to do as well, goes a long way. You work hard to offer great service, quality work, and benefits to your customers; you owe it to yourself and your customers to share that with each customer who walks in your door. 


What supplies will I need?

This script is recommended for every customer that walks through the door. The supplies you will need when making this ‘presentation’ will be:

  • A laminated color copy of a completed inspection from your shop.  Pick one that has at least 5 topics for needs immediate attention, 3 topics that  needs future attention, and has 5-10 photos that have been edited to show emphasis on problem area. You can print this double sided, so you have about 3 pages front and back.   Or, if your service counter is equipped with a touchscreen swivel monitor, have a presentable inspection cued up on a browser tab on your TVP with similar characteristics. This is important because many of customers may have never had a digital inspection performed on their vehicle before, so go ahead and impress with them the professional inspections you provide. 
  • A very big smile!

sample inspect

Why is the Drop off conversation important?

We tend to focus more on the development of muscle memory of our techs during inspections than on the muscle memory of us advisors with each customer interaction.

The single most important communication to be had with the customer in regards to the digital inspection and future communication is the very first one – at vehicle drop off. (Yes, selling inspections is also just as important, but this is the introductory moment. Where they discover you are a technologically advanced shop that performs digital inspections on their vehicles). The purpose of the script is to assist the advisor with creating coherent communication with the customer. It will allow for painless collection of email addresses, easier upsell opportunities, and the setting up of clear expectations – all within 90 seconds of dialogue.

Watch this video to see an example of the Drop Off Script in action:


Welcome to our Shop!

Take the time with each customer to build and cement the relationship, ask about kids, pets, favorite sports teams, etc. The personal touch goes a long way in building the trust needed for an excellent business relationship.

This is also the time to ask for any concerns or complaints they have regarding their vehicle. If it’s a returning customer, you can also pull up their old inspection results to review the status of their vehicle at the last visit and review any outstanding work needed.

You can pull up the customers old inspection results from the Today’s Vehicles Page by using the magnifying glass search tool to search for that customer’s vehicle. Once you have searched for and found the correct customer and vehicle, click on the RO# to open the vehicle’s previous work order and inspection results.



Expectations of the Digital Shop

In addition to welcoming the customer to your shop and listening to their concerns, take the opportunity to highlight your commitment to excellent service by becoming a Digital Shop (assuming this is not a customer who is familiar with your digital inspection process already). This will distinguish your shop in the customer’s mind since most shops will not perform digital inspections or offer digital communication.  Our recommended script is the following:

**Grab the laminated inspection sheet and put it on the counter to show to them, or have your touch screen monitor ready**

“As part of our commitment to technological advancement, we have equipped each of our technicians with tablets to perform these digital inspections.

Your safety, and the safety of your family is our number one concern. This is why we are dedicated to performing these inspections on every vehicle that comes through our bay doors.

Our technician _________ will go through over _____ (fifty, twenty five, etc) topics on your vehicle, and determine what recommendations require service or repair, and the levels of urgency. We will let you know what we recommend now, and what can be done later.

Along with these recommendations, we will provide photos with emphasis on the problem areas on your vehicle, as well as corresponding educational videos.”

***(Optional example, you can forego it, or talk about another one)

“For example, brake fluid. The video will show you what it does, what happens when it deteriorates, and what the urgency is to replace it. How awesome is that?!

So the second our technician submits this inspection, I will email and/or directly to you.

And it looks like your email is ________@____.com is that correct. What is your cell phone? Do you prefer to be emailed or texted when we have updates for you?”

What is critical about this part of the conversation?

It is absolutely essential that you collect the customer’s email and text message information! This is a VITAL step in the success of your retention and Smartflow programs. With email and text communication enabled, your shops can

  • Email/text the inspection results
  • Email/text appointment information and pick up notifications.
  • Send service reminders and email promotions
  • Provide the customer their service center account with service history, recommendations, recall/TSB info, loyalty point balance and history
  • And more…

Loyalty Points

If your shop uses the Loyalty Points program, you will want to be sure to talk about it with your customers at drop off. Whether this is a brand new customer who needs to be explained the benefits your shop provides for the first time, or a returning customer who can redeem points, be sure this is part of the drop off conversation!

For a new customer: “We offer a free loyalty points program here to thank our customers for their business. After this visit you will be automatically enrolled, with no work or hassle on your end. You automatically earn points for doing easy things like

  • Explain the ways your shop has chosen to award points (referring friends, spending $ in the shop, coming in for service on time etc)

“You can easily request to redeem your points online once you have enough for awesome services/rewards like”:

  • Explain some of the rewards your shop offers (oil changes, movie tickets, wiper blades, coffee gift cards).

For a returning customer: The following loyalty points scenarios can happen with a returning customer:

  • The customer has requested to redeem points at this visit:
    • “I see you have requested to redeem your loyalty points for a free oil change today. We will be adjusting your invoice at pick up to reflect this”
  • The customer has enough points to redeem for a reward, but has not done. The service adviser should offer redeeming point for  a reward at drop off:
    • “I see you have enough points in your loyalty points balance for a two free movie tickets, would you like to redeem your points today for that reward?”
  • The customer does not have enough points to redeem, and the service adviser should simply update them on their point balance so they know how close they are to a reward:
    • “Looks like you have 100 points in your loyalty points balance. You just need 50 more points for the free wiper blades, which you should have after today’s visit”

To learn how to identify what scenario your customer has, and everything a service adviser needs to know about using the Loyalty Points program, please read this article.

MyCarVitals Mobile App

If your shop is using the MyCarVitals mobile app, you will also want to explain the benefits and features if they are not already familiar. The benefits are:

  • Access to app only specials 
  • Request appointments easily
  • View recommended work and vehicle information

We recommend saying something like: “We also offer a mobile app that makes it easy for you to request appointments and see your recommended work. If you download the app today before the end of the visit today, you can apply this app only special to today’s visit.”

Read this article to learn more about the MyCarVitals app as well as how to help your customers get it downloaded and signed in.


At the end of the conversation, it is important to reiterate what the next steps are. People typically remember the first and last thing told to them, so make sure your customers what at the very least what the next steps are.

“I will be emailing/texting you your vehicle inspection result in __ hours, then give you a call to review and answer any of your questions. Any other concerns or questions? Talk to you soon!”

Summary of script

  • Greetings and welcome (how are the kids etc)
  • [If returning customer], let’s review your digital inspection from the last visit and any outstanding work needed.
  • [If customer unfamiliar with digital inspections] We perform comprehensive digital inspections on every vehicle we service. Let me show you a sample inspection
  • We are technologically advanced
  • Customer safety and education is our number one concern
  • We will inform you of recommendations due now and what can be done later
  • Photos and educational video links in inspections provided to help you make the best decision about what your vehicle needs.
  • Confirm or ask for email, confirm phone number and carrier for text messaging.
  • I will call you about 15-20 minutes after I email and text the inspection to review it with you.
  • I will call you in ______hours to go over inspection
  • Would you prefer to be notified by text or email when your car is ready to be picked up?


  • Introduce customer to the Loyalty Points program
  • Introduce customer to MyCarVitals app and help them get signed in


  • I will call you about 15-20 minutes after I email the inspection to review it with you.

Current Process

In the paper based process, the customer drops off their vehicle and do not know what comes next until the vehicle is ready for pickup. Without expectations being managed, there is higher potential for the visit to go wrong, leaving an unsatisfied customer.

Best Practice

The recommended best practice is for the service advisers to follow this script at each drop off. The best way to train service advisers on this process and script is by building muscle memory. We recommend you role play where the shop owner is the customer, and the service adviser acts as themselves to get the customer checked in using the drop off script. Role play with different scenarios to make sure your adviser is confident in any situation, such as

  • New customers
  • Returning customer requesting to redeem loyalty points
  • New or returning customer interested in the mobile app
DST & Training

The best practice of using the customer drop off script and how to best train your service advisers on how to use it is covered in the Digital Supervisor Trainings. Whether you are new to the AutoVitals family or a seasoned veteran, the Digital Supervisor Training is a highly effective way to advance your shop’s progress in becoming a Digital Shop.

Learn more and sign up here.

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