Tracking phone numbers

Tracking Phone Numbers are still the best way of assessing whether an ad campaign works. No matter whether it is an Adwords, Postcard, or Special Website campaign, you can spend quite a bit of money on those, but never know whether it was worth the effort.

In addition, Google has made it hard to put a tracking phone number on the website, since it will notice that the comparison of the phone number on the website with the one in the Google Plus Local listing and in other business directories is not identical. Ranking drops are the unavoidable results, and so tracking phone numbers have not been embraced anymore as the best solution.

Fear not, we have implemented a tracking phone number method, which Google can’t detect (it still sees the orginal phone number while the visitor of the website sees the tracking phone number), and we create the prospect calls right on your AutoVitals dashboard for measuring the effectiveness of your campaign. Prospects are callers, who

  • use phone numbers not in your database (not your existing customers)
  • use a VOIP phone, cell phone or a landline phone with your area code
  • call for longer than 20 seconds and
  • are not known advertisers, other shops or vendors.

If you combine the phone tracking method with a campaign tracking code when you ask your first time customers how they heard about you, you have the perfect method to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

A special script on your website, courtesy by AutoVitals, will detect whether a visitor is coming through the campaign and if so, all pages on the website will show the tracking phone number instead of the original number, even if the same visitor returns to the website within 24 hours.
Your AutoVitals dashboard will show the stats just like the image below, which combined with your AutoVitals source report,  will clearly identify the customers won through your campaign.Tracking Results
This method can be applied to Adwords campaigns we run for you, postcard campaigns where the call to action is going to your website or any other campaign involving your website. All we need is to create a campaign specific URL for your website.

Ask us for this option next time we run ADWords campaigns for you!