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Special Markers Across All Visits

Lots of vehicle characteristics are for one visit only (e.g., waiter, parts bin, call back customer etc.), others are the same across visits

  • wheel lock key location
  • needs for specific parts
  • customer idiosyncracies etc.

You can now make a marker permanent across visits by checking the checkbox on the tile.

Make Markers Hierarchical

Hundreds of Special Markers have been customized by users so that they need to be better organized. All existing markers created by AutoVitals are now in the group “Predefined“, whereas your existing customized markers are all in “Custom“. In addition, the group “First Choice” has been introduced and is always shown first in order to make it easier and faster to select the most often used special markers. The group “First Choice” will always open first and expanded. By adding existing Special Markers to the “First Choice” group, you can customize what special markers, predefined or custom, will be offered as the first choice.

Any existing or newly defined Special Marker can have the attribute “First Choice”. It doesn’t remove them from their host group, it just makes them visible as part of the “First Choice” group.

How to create/organize Special Markers

  1. Create a new group
  2. Create a new marker and select the group as their new home (or hit edit for an existing marker)

    1. Select the group the new marker should be in
    2. add a name and description (appears on hover over on the screen)
    3. add an image
    4. press ‘Add Special Marker’
    5. note that existing markers marked with ‘(*)’ are  added to the ‘First Choice” group
  3. Select the marker from the group they belong to

    or add it to the First Choice group

Note that if you try to select more than 3 markers per vehicle or make them permanent, it will not work.

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