Customer Retention

Smart Service Reminders for higher Appointment Rate

Seasoned service advisors use the opportunity at pick-up to announce at pick-up that service reminders will hit the motorist’s inbox and cell phone when due and at vehicle drop-off to present the service history and open issues at the counter. Smart appointment service reminders eliminate the difficulties.

Service Center Account for Motorists

Turn your Phone to Landscape Online Portal to make it easy for your customers to reach you, access service history, and know what's coming next. Impress your customers with a personal, online wealth of resources! Your shop can now offer customers 24/7 online access to...

Text Message Opt in Made Easy

Updates to text message opt in make the opt in process easier for staff and customers
We are excited to announce your staff will never have to ask customers for their carrier to sign up customers for text messages. In addition, we have added several other updates to text messaging, making it easier for your staff to communicate with your customers through texting.

Service Reminders

Turn your Phone to Landscape Send the right message at the right time Our service reminder emails and text messages make it easy to reinforce to the customer the recommended work needed to get done to take care of their vehicle. Customers expect to be have...

Customer Pick Up Script

Turn your Phone to Landscape Thank You For Coming In! See You Next Time! Once again, the importance of executing a great customer experience will set you apart from all the other repairs shops your customer could have given their business too. This SHOULD NOT be a...

Customer Sources

Turn your Phone to Landscape Record and Track Customer Sources Where do your customers come from? Knowing where your customers come from is vital information to running your business. Make sure your staff is recording this information in a way you can easily measure...