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Leverage your reviews to win new customers

Make the most of your customer reviews

You’re already going above and beyond to make sure your motorists are satisfied. Make sure you are leveraging this hard work to earn more customers by collecting and sharing these reviews properly.


Reviews are collected and published automatically

Motorists are prompted to leave review in the highly personalized Thank You email sent at the end of the visit. AutoVitals can collect either Google reviews, or AutoVitals certified reviews from the customer. The type of review collected depends on the customer’s email.

  • If the motorist has a Google email address (e.g. debbiedriver@gmail.com), their Thank You email link will lead to your Google plus page where the motorist can leave you a Google review
    • Google reviews are published automatically


  • If the motorist has a non Google email address, their Thank You email will prompt them to leave an AutoVitals review. The reason for this is that only people with Google accounts can leave Google reviews, so it would be not be beneficial to send a motorist who can’t leave a Google review to Google Plus.
    • AutoVitals reviews are published every Monday to your AutoVitals reviews page and to Facebook through the MyCarVitals app.
    • The Thank You email for non-Google email addresses looks like this:


Google Reviews


Google will notify you every time you receive a new review. By default, anyone on Google My Business page with Communications Manager Privileges and above will be notified. However, you can customize the notifications by either

  •  Edit your settings by going to business.google.com/settings, OR
  • Tell your Web Presence Expert what changes your would like


Follow these instructions to respond to Google reviews left for your business

AutoVitals Reviews


You will be notified by email when your shop receives a Not Satisfied review from AutoVitals.


To respond to any reviews left for your shop in AutoVitals, click on All Reviews on your Dashboard


There, you will see all reviews left for your shop. You can respond by clicking Reply. Your response will be published alongside with the review on your website.

You will notice that under the ‘Publish OK’ column, some responses say OK, and some say No. This is the motorists’ decision to allow the review to be published or not, and cannot be changed.




You can also view the individual responses to your AutoVitals survey questions from the Dashboard. Click on Report Center > % Satisfied Customers. This will take you to seeing an overview of the responses you get to each question. To see an individual customer’s answers, just click Browse Responses in the right hand corner.



The best thing to do when you receive a bad review is to reach out to the motorist right away to try and resolve the issue. Once it is resolved, simply ask them to leave you another review to replace the original bad review.

Google Reviews

Reviews left on Google can only be removed through Google’s permission. Click here to read what Google recommends you do when you receive a review you feel should be removed.

AutoVitals Reviews

If you receive a negative review, and are able to resolve the issue with the motorist, you can ask them to leave you another review and we will remove the original review. To send them another Thank You email asking for a second review, follow the instructions found here.

Here are our rules about which reviews we will not post:

  • Inappropriate reviews are not published; this includes any profane language, hateful speech, or otherwise lewd comments.
  • Not Satisfied reviews with 3 or less words, such as ‘worst shop ever’ or ‘you suck’ etc., because these reviews are not long enough to have useful meaning.
  • Not Satisfied reviews left as Anonymous. We do not publish Not Satisfied Anonymous reviews because this does not leave the shop with the opportunity to resolve the issue, which we feel is unfair.
  • Case by case basis. For example, reviews that are completely off topic, or incoherent sentences, etc may be removed upon special request on a case by case basis.


Yes! If you would like survey questions or answer options edited, simply contact your Product Adviser. Keep in mind that in general the more questions you add to the survey, the less responses you will get.

AAA Shop?

Many AAA AutoVitals shops will modify their AutoVitals survey so that it asks the exact questions and answers required by AAA. Then when AAA wants to see the answers, contact your Product Adviser to download your responses into a CSV that you can provide to AAA. The benefit of doing this is that (if your AAA region allows this), AAA does not have to contact your customers for another survey. This can be very bombarding for customers to get so many request after the visit. Check with your AAA region to learn if this is acceptable, then provide your Product Adviser with the questions required by AAA.

Current Process

Without AutoVitals Retention, leaving reviews is out of sight, out of mind for your motorists because they are not contacted right after the visit to do so. This leaves it up to the motorist to think about leaving you a review on their own, which can lead to more negative reviews. A low amount of reviews is also harmful to your SEO, as well as is a deterrent to new customers that are checking you out online before deciding to come in or not.

Best Practice

ASK for Reviews!

Once your motorists picks up their car and leaves your shop, they will be sent a highly personalized Thank You Email, expressing how much their business and trust is valued. The email will also prompt them to leave a review. It is the duty of the service adviser to

  • Set the motorist’s expectations that they will be getting this thank you email by telling them at Pick Up. If they are expecting it, they are far more likely to open it.
  • Ask the motorist to leave a review once they get the Thank You email.

The best way to ensure this is done consistently in your shop is to implement a defined process at Vehicle Pick Up. Our recommended script for Vehicle Pick Up can be found and printed by clicking here. Review this script with your service advisers, and to train muscle memory, role play through the script to ensure all the important elements are mentioned.

Always respond to Reviews, positive or negative!

It is highly recommended your respond to your reviews, even if they are positive. This shows that your business is paying close attention to what their customers say and allows you to thank your customers for leaving positive feedback, which make great reviews look even better.

Quantified Benefits

72% of consumers state that positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Customer are likely to spend upwards of 25% more at a local business with excellent online reviews.

Positive online reviews are a vital part earning new customers as a Digital Shop.

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